A life changing incident of Shoaib Akhter


There is a famous saying that ” Opportunities don’t happen. You create them”


Today I am talking about one of the biggest celebrity of the Pakistan cricket team. The Rawalpindi Express ” Shoaib Akhter”

Shoaib had the hyper flexibility disease in childhood that in the beginning he can’t even run and he used to crawl but by the time he got recovered and we know how fast he is on the pitch.

World Record

Shoaib Akhter got the record of delivering the fastest bowl in the history of cricket which was 161.3 km/h and the record is not even broken yet. We know that fame and respect don’t come up easily you have to earn them.

The life-changing event of Shoaib Akhter

Today I am talking about a life-changing event of Shoaib Akhter which helps him to become a star.


When Shoaib was 16 he heard that selection trials are going to held in Lahore at the Model Town. Shoaib knows there’s a chance that he can make it. So he decided to go to Lahore for trial. He went to the station for a bus without having fare in his pocket he only got some 120 rupees in his pocket which he saved for the hotel room in Lahore.

When he enters the bus, the conductor asked him for the fare he said look don’t take a fare from me and just be me, friend. The conductor said you look like a thug to me stop this nonsense where are you from? Anyway. Shoaib said I am from Rawalpindi he said look there is a celebrity is standing right in front of you. Shoaib always knows that one day he is going to be a star. The conductor said will you make it to the Pakistan cricket team are you that sure? Shoaib said yeah why not.

These days busses travel quite slow. The conductor said no way kid you just leave the bus. Shoaib said okay but you can’t go without me. The conductor said

how will you stop the bus?

Shoaib said

look I am very fast and your bus is very slow and you know that too by the time you put your bus in the 1st gear I will climb up on the roof and there’s nothing you can do about it. I am just going to Lahore with you

When Shoaib went to the roof the conductor comes to the roof Shoaib was quick he quickly jumped and get onto the bus. The conductor was exhausted with his appearance he said look kid what do you want from me? Shoaib said just let me go to Lahore with you the conductor just said fine you can go with me. After some hours he reached Lahore the conductor said to him I have seen many little demons like you but you are the toughest I ever met

Shoaib passed a smile to him and started to look for a hotel.

Shoaib thought with 120 rupees he can’t have dinner and hotel so he decided to sleep at the railway station.

Shoaib slept at the Railway station

He went to the railway station he stared at a beautiful tonga ( a vehicle with two wheels and a horse ). Shoaib went to that beautiful tonga and he said to the tonga owner Hi I am Shoaib he said so what? Shoaib said your tonga is very beautiful and well built. Shoaib said I have got no place for sleeping if tonight you let me sleep here with you that would be very appreciated by me. His name was Aziz. Aziz said why would I do that? Shoaib said you don’t see a star in me. Aziz laughed at him he said what do you want? Shoaib again said

I have got no place I will be very thankful to you if you let me sleep today here I have to go model town for trial tomorrow.

Aziz said okay I will let you sleep here

are you hungry will you eat anything? Shoaib said yeah sure bring me something. Aziz brought him food and tea and then they travel all around Lahore Shoaib was amazed by his act of kindness.

In the morning

In the morning when he woke up from sleep Aziz asked Shoaib where the trials are going to be. Shoaib said at the model town. Aziz said that’s very far. Shoaib said if you can drop me at the mall road that would be very nice of you. Aziz said okay I will drop you there. When they both reached mall road Aziz said Shoaib will you make it to the Pakistan cricket team? Shoaib yeah I am sure I will make it to the team. Aziz said would you like to meet me again? Shoaib said yeah of course Why not? I will come don’t you worry. After that Shoaib starts running towards the ground after running for one hour he make it to the ground and he saw 500 people standing for the trial but Shoaib never loses his confidence and there you go he got himself from there to the Pakistan cricket team and become a huge star of Pakistan.

Shoaib returned to the Railway station

In 2000 he went to Lahore for finding Aziz he dissembles himself and started looking for Aziz. When Shoaib reached the railway station Aziz was there sleeping in his tonga. Shoaib wakes him up for sleep and said hey Aziz wake up. Aziz suddenly wake up from his sleep and said who are you? Shoaib said go bring me some food and tea. Aziz said

who are you man why are you bothering me? What do you want from me?

Shoaib said ain’t here any incident happens to you that some guy came to you asked for you to let them sleep with you in your tonga. Aziz yeah once a maniac came with the same wish. I don’t know where is he? Shoaib said

hey Aziz that’s me Shoaib Akhter same guy who came here and asked you to let him sleep with you

. Aziz was shocked he said are you the real Shoaib Akhter? As he shouted his name whole railway station gathered there to see Shoaib Akhter.

After that, he said his friends to go and bring us some food. Aziz said whoo man wait I was rich back then and still, I am rich I will bring you food. Shoaib said okay go. After eating the dinner Shoaib asked Aziz what is the price of his act of kindness? Aziz said the price is the same. Shoaib said what? Aziz said you have to sleep with me tonight. Shoaib said okay mate I will sleep with you. Aziz said look around yourself there are so many people wouldn’t you feel ashamed while sleeping with me.

Shoaib said

you helped me when no one knows my name you were very friendly to me how now I am a big star but for you, I am just Shoaib why couldn’t I sleep with you. I will sleep here with you.

Shoaib did what Aziz asked he slept there and in the morning he wakes up said come on Aziz come with me I will give you good work a good place for you and your children. Aziz said god bless you Shoaib and god give me enough to survive I don’t need anything. After that Shoaib said goodbye to his lovely friend and he said Aziz I will never forget you. Today I am Shoaib Akhter because of you. After some years Aziz passed away. But Shoaib never forgot him.


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