How Cinema is important to our life


How Cinema is affecting our lives

Movies and series affect many of us powerfully and emotionally because the combined impact of images, music, dialogue, CGI, VFX , sound and special effects can extract our feelings and help us reflect on our lives. They can help us to better understand our own lives, the lives of those around us and how the society is concerned with every actions and drama actions and drama.

Your Bonding with Series and Movies

Some movies literally affect on us differently like you literally see yourself as a lead character of a movie and feel the sympathy for him. During the whole movie you just stay connected with your favourite characters and in the last few minutes of the movie with good ending you feel yourself reborn.


Same goes with the series and since it is an extended version of cinema. It is also a good way of enjoying your own company for a long time. A series is usually consist of 10 episodes per season and by the time you complete an episode you just can’t wait for the next episode and so on you just complete your favourite series and you feel the warmth of it and you remember it for your whole life.

Fantasy and superhero Stuff

How Cinema is important to our life

Since nowadays fiction and fantasy has overcome of all the genres in cinema. Superhero movies tells us the struggle of a common man to become a hero. The damage and loss of self esteem in their childhood is a real struggle for them and how society treats themand how he gets bullied by society everyday.People also imagine theirselfs as their favourite superhero like they have powers to fly , become invisible or super fast etc.In the world full of anxiety and depression superhero movies helps people to escape from reality and see themselves as they are so strong and saving the world from bad guys.

A few of mine favourites are as follows

The dark knight

Man of steel

Doctor strange

Avengers: infinity war

Real cinema

Apart from this people should also watch the real cinema so the more they see real incidents that impact their life the more they will enjoy it. Movies are also a source of motivation and self esteem. You can literally achieve your goals by getting that much of confidence and motivation. They are some movies and series which can lead you to stay confident and motivated like


1) The shawshank redemption

2) Whiplash

3) 8 Mile

4) The intouchables

5) good will hunting


1) Silicon valley

2) How i made my millions

3) The Pitchers

4) Shark tank

5) six feet under


  • How Cinema is important to our life

The least here is thriller movies is one of my favourite genre in cinema. Thriller movies are something that a guy who barely watches a movie can’t understand this genre. Thriller movies required a lot of attention and focus on a movie so they can enjoy the least detail that director wants to show us and little bit of loss of attention and there you go you can’t get plot of movie. This particular genre can make us more stable and patient and curiosity of finding the main twist in the movie. There are many directors who are born for this particular genre some of mine favourites are Christopher Nolan , David Fincher, Stanley kubrick and Alfred Hitchhock.

One of my favourite thrillers are :

1) fight club

2) se7en

3) Inception

4) Vertigo

5) A clockwork orange

6) American psycho

7) No country for oldmen


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