Is Muhammad Amir Retiring from International Cricket?


Is Muhammad Amir retiring from International Cricket?


Recently Muhammad Amir uploaded a video in which he announced that he has decided to take retirement from International Cricket

He represented Pakistan in

36 Test Matches,

ODIs ( One Day Match )  61

T20Is ( Twenty Twenty Match) 50

Fans are wondering why all of sudden, he has decided to take retirement?

After returning from Sri Lanka Tour where he was playing a premier league

In a quick  interview, he said

I’ve been mentally tortured by the team and current management, and  I can’t take it anymore

I have been sidelined 

Furthermore, he said Waqar Younis  had been teasing him for a long time,

I can’t play under the current management

In 2010 he was  implicated in an allegation of spot-fixing along with two other players Muhammad Asif and Salman butt and found guilty

After completing his punishment of 5 years banded from playing international cricket

When he returned back in International Cricket

There were only two people who supported him

The former PCB Chairman Najam Sethi  and

Former Captain Shahid Afridi   (he added)

In addition, he said except for these two people all other boys tortured him mentally and said they  don’t want to play with him

Mohammad Amir said he doesn’t think he can work with the current Pakistan Cricket Board management, and he will release a statement soon

Pakistan Cricket Board on December 15 in Tuesday confirmed that Muhammad Amir is officially retired

In the meanwhile, fans are totally upset with his retirement


on the other hand, Ramiz raja tweeted


Mohammad Amir retires. The sad untimely exit of a potential superstar! And a lesson for aspiring youth: Respect your talent and understand your responsibilities. Don’t mistake wealth for respect. Respect is earned by having a strong character and not by worldly glitzy shit! 



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